Hello & Welcome to Holistic Angel Healing

I started this site with the intention of keeping everyone informed about my upcoming events, as well as highlighting the products that I sell. I was called upon to produce a Healing Arts show in the Yuba-Sutter area, just as I was called upon to introduce the products that I sell to the public. I feel that when one is called upon to create, produce or introduce someone or something to the universe, we heed it’s call.

Every product that sell, I feel strongly about,  as I do about every vendor, healer or reader that is called to participate in my quarterly Healing Arts events. Please feel free to click on the picture of each vendor for a short bio. Many of these Lightworkers will be speaking at upcoming events, as well. Check out a list of Speakers and Topics under the Free Seminar tab.

Under the Products tab, you will find Tapestries and Tote Bags featuring deities and other designs; each one has it’s own meaning. Ganesha is the Remover of Obstacles while Laxshmi brings in abundance. Kwan Yin is great for self-love. Triple Moon is for utilizing feminine energy.

As with the Tapestries, each one of the crystals have their own energy; if you are drawn to it, you probably need it. Click on each crystal or tapestry for a list of attributes. Buy one crystal or a Chakra Bag, which comes with 7 crystals; one crystal representing each chakra, a felt bag and a list of attributes for each crystal.

Crystal Synergy is a topical ointment made from ground crystals, beeswax and oil and is targeted at releasing pain. Second Wind is made from the same and is great for asthmatics and for those that need a little boost in energy or a “second wind.” The Chakra Balancing ointment is for clearing and balancing the chakras, as well as great for meditation and as a sleep aid. It has been known to produce some crazy dreams as well let go of issues or pain that we hold in our chakras. Lastly, is a calming ointment for pets, which can be used in conjunction with Crystal Synergy to calm and reduce pain in animals.

Thanks for visiting our site. Please check back as we are always updating our site with Upcoming Events and Products. Feel free to contact us or leave your email so that we can notify you about events, freebies and much more.

Jill Averett