Colby Robinson

My name is Colby Robinson and I’m a CA Certified Massage Therapist with over 900 hrs of education and knowledge from The National Holistic Institute of Sacramento followed by 2 1/2 years at Sierra Sports Rehab & Physical Therapy which included hour and 90 minute therapeutic bodywork for specific rehab areas and bodyparts from pre/post surgeries to overall relaxation and stress relief.

My therapeutic sessions are 60 and 90 min hands on, full timed bodywork. Each session is specific for your issues that are the most noticeable to you on that day. If you only need your back worked out then you get fill time on those issues, legs/hips bothering you then we work on just that, or you just need a full body relaxing massage to get rid of the weeks stress, every session is truly yours.

My Deep Tissues works straight from my Swedish by warming up the areas enough to release, and by working with you breathing, we work right through any tight issues or trigger points. Deep Tissues should feel like you’ve had work done, but not hurt. They key is that we work together to find you relief.

General Information

1 hour – $50
90 min – $75
Mobile to You – $100
(Marysville/Yuba City)

Pre-Booked Weekly/Bi-Monthly
4 total – 1 hr $180
4 total – 90 min $280

Buy 3 get the 4th FREE
(Must be used within 8 weeks)
ROM (Range of Motion) and Postural assessments are also inlcuded.

Referrals receive $5 off next session
* Discounts for Military and First Responders
* All Payments Accepted (Credit/Debit, Andriod Pay, Apple Pay)

Western Modalities

  • Swedish
  • Deep Tissue
  • Trigger Points
  • Sports Massage (Pre/Post Event)
  • Myofascial Therapies
  • Pregnancy (Side Lying)

Eastern Modalities

  • Jin Shin Acupressure
  • Transitional Chinese Medicines (Meridians, Chakra Alignment, Etc.)
  • Meditation/Stress Management

* All Massage work is for stress reduction and relief of muscular tension or spasm, and is not a substitute for medical examination or treatments. I do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any illness, ailment or disease and i do not necessarily “FIX” you.