Laverne Denyer

Who Is Laverne? Psychic, Medical Intuitive, Body Worker, Counselor, Author and Lecturer: professionally practicing since 1970. Her most important goals are to live in integrity and help people live healthy lives. Laverne’s world has always been filled with sights, sounds, scents, sensations, feelings and thoughts that are different from that of most people. As a child, she did not realize how different her world was from that of others. Filled with colors, interweaving energies, spirits and special sounds, it took years to realize that she was different in so many ways. Once that realization became clear, she first accepted her differences as real, and then began her quest to research and to understand those differences. She has been a serious student of all things metaphysical since the age of 12, continuing as a serious researcher in subtle energies and the human energy systems to this day. In the mundane world she has undergraduate degrees in Psychology, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Education, Technology, and Technical Drawing. She has two M.A.s in Education, a degree as a Psychological Counselor, and a PhD in Religious Studies. In all ways, Laverne walks through life with her feet firmly planted in both the mundane and esoteric worlds. Her book of mapping and describing life forces titled “Living Energy Systems” could well be thought of as a “Gray’s Anatomy” of subtle energy systems.